How to Find Time to Improve Your Business Skills

Let’s face it: once you enter the job market, you immediately have a deficit in available time. If you’re young, you might spend every free moment socializing with friends and going on dates. If you’re a bit older, you might need that time for your family. While these are good ways to spend your time, the result is that you could become rusty when it comes to working on your LEED business. So what do you do?

Watch How-to Videos on Youtube and Tiktok

There’s a never-ending supply of how-to videos on Youtube and Tiktok. So, whenever you have a few spare minutes, watch a short video. You can even explore websites like Snackable Solutions, where small business owners post their tips and tricks. Generally, look for short videos. On Youtube, you can filter for those videos that are only a few minutes long. On Tiktok, all videos are a minute or shorter. If you invest just 5 minutes per day, you could learn several new skills each week which will help you to grow your business.

Network With Colleagues

Are you connecting with people on LinkedIn every day? If not, then it might be time to start. If you are connecting with people, are you engaging them? Most people on LinkedIn don’t even bother to write a short post or to comment on other people’s posts. You can put yourself ahead of the pack by engaging people for a few minutes each day on LinkedIn, so pay attention to your feed. Additionally, go to industry events. Many of them are even virtual, so that you can attend from home and connect with lots of people with very little effort. Additionally, try websites like

Read While You Work Out

If you spend fifteen to twenty minutes or longer on the treadmill or stair-climber each time you work out, then use that time productively. You can download e-books to your mobile phone or Kindle, and read them every time you work out. You’ll be reading several books per month with very little effort, and if you focus on those books that can teach you how to build your business, even better.